Governing Body

  • The member of the governing body of S.D.College of Management studies are vigilantly selected by S.D.College studies Development Society.


    • No.
    • 1.
      Mr. Nirankar Swaroop
    • 2.
      Mr. Ashutosh Bansal
    • 3.
      Mr. Neeraj Kumar
    • 4.
      Mr. Devendra Kumar
    • 5.
      Mr. Neel Kamal Puri
    • 6.
      Mr. Hari Bhushan Gupta
    • 7.
      Mr. Avdesh Gopal
    • 8.
      Mr. Anil Kumar Garg
    • 9.
      Mr. Vaibhav Bansal
    • 10.
      Mr. Vinit Kumar
    • 11.
      Mr. Suresh Kumar
    • 12.
      Dr. Ashutosh Sharma
      Member Nominee
    • 13.
      Dr. Vibhuti Sharma
      Member Nominee
    • 14.
      Dr. Sanjeev Tayal
      Member Nominee
    • 15.
      Mr. Prashant
      Member Nominee


  • NATIONAL CONFERENCE ON SKILL INDIA INITIATIVE The objective of the conference is to provide a common platform to the academicians, scientists, technologists, planners and management experts who ar...more
  • MILAN-4 Alumni Meet We are pleased to announce the 4th Alumni meet “MILAN-4” to be held on the 5th April. It’s an event a lot of us have been waiting for. So, here we are...more


  • Biz Baazi The students of MBA 2nd Year are organizing a workshop ‘Biz Baazi’ on success cases in entrepreneurship on 16th Sept., 2015 ; as an enhancement to the course curriculum of their subject of entrepreneurship. The objective of the workshop is to bring out the true entrepreneurial potential of our students by analyzing and learning through the success cases of startups and presenting how they have become high impact companies today. This workshop is particularly for the students of MBA..more
  • Capital Market Awareness Mr. Manish Bansal, Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Value Ideas Investment Services Pvt. Ltd., Mumbai enlightened the students with the new trends and practices coming in the capital market through which the economy can boost-up. He gave the new formula of expenditure.more
  • Skill Development Program Dr. Ruchi Uppal, Director at Rising Careers, motivated the students regarding the development of unique traits which are really required to cope-up with the dynamic and changing competitive business era. She emphasised students on becoming a trendsetter in the educational sector with the best of services and tailor made programes. more